It all started in 1985 , Cynthia Pesce founder of Love It , discovered her passion for jewellery, she moved from the world of accounting into the world of sourcing and discovering beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Initially starting in design and production, then eventually right into the heart of retail, hands on, finger on the pulse of what her customers wanted ......100% fully committed to her love of jewellery, design, artistry.

So much fun, love and creating to be found and always loving the inspiring designs , the jewellery, the artists, the customers....

my passion is jewellery,

my mission is to source , discover and hunt for the best and inspiring collections ,one of a kind pieces, carefully selecting each piece for the store....

Supporting artists in Australia and worldwide, I believe all artists are important, no matter where they originate from, ‘art is art’

To me jewellery is in the category of art .....

Love It fully represents and supports the best creators of jewellery from Australia, truly home grown and the best from abroad, internationally !

I know that our customers appreciate beautiful pieces from all over the world, I love finding them and bringing them to you.

The store Love It began in 1996 and celebrates its 25 years with you. Love It is a contemporary jewellery store in the historical Royal Arcade Melbourne Australia , The very first shopping arcade built in Australia in 1870