Given the current environment, please be mindful that the use of hand sanitiser and other alcohol based products can have a damaging effect on your new purchases.

Please use with caution.

At Love It we strive to offer our customers quality handcrafted products constructed from only the finest materials. To ensure you get the wear and longevity of your item as intended, we would like to share with you some key care information for your jewellery.

Following a few simple practices will maintain the ‘like new’ appearance of your piece.

  • to keep your jewellery looking it’s best , we recommend you avoid exposing it to salt water, detergents, perfumes avoid wearing them at the beach, at the swimming pool, or to play sport to avert knocks and scratches. Wearing your jewellery should also be avoided when doing housework or gardening.

  • ensure that you remove your jewellery before bed, when showering or when washing your hands.
  • avoid letting your jewellery be exposed to cosmetics, hairspray or perfume. Always put on your jewellery pieces as a final touch, after applying make up and styling hair

  • take care to protect jewellery from impact against hard and abrasive surfaces. Even a diamond can chip if hit with enough  force or at just the right angle.

  • keep an eye on your stone settings ,examine your jewellery pieces regularly for loose settings, clasps and joining before wear and where necessary have your jeweller assist you , just as you would with your shoes and have them resoled etc

  • It is normally advised to have settings of diamonds checked by a professional jeweller once a year, especially on rings, we recommend this for all your stone jewellery pieces, to ensure longevity

  • jewellery items can become scratched when they come into contact with one another. We highly recommend that each piece be stored individually in a suitable lined box or pouch in order to avoid markings of any nature.
  • By storing your jewellery in a cool and dry place it will prevent oxidisation.


Sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time and should be polished occasionally with a soft impregnated polishing cloth. Do not use silver polishing dip to clean your jewellery as this may give you instant and immediate shiny effect but will also corrode the surface, making it tarnish faster and could ruin the jewellery, with some intricate pieces we recommend a professional jeweller to assist in the cleaning process.

Silver jewellery that is regularly used typically needs less care, so we encourage you to wear and enjoy your beautiful silver jewellery every day.

  • With some sterling silver pieces there may be an oxidised finish within the design,  in this case the effect is deliberate , for a decorative effect , and to make the design more distinct. We recommend to not be overzealous in your cleaning and polishing as you may remove the oxidised effect.

  • there are a number of designers who do a gold plate finish on sterling silver , in order to maintain a ‘like new’ appearance we recommend to use a soft cloth ( not impregnated)  to wipe down any excess natural oils from the skin or dirt that have transferred to the jewellery, we recommend to not be over zealous in your cleaning and polishing as you may alter the gold plate finish and to follow all the above care tips for longevity of the item.


  • the stones should be cleaned with a soft cloth,  not impregnated , for a gentle wipe.


  • pearls are best cleaned with a soft damp cloth


If in doubt on how to clean your item we recommend taking the item to a professional jeweller who will be able to assist you with the cleaning where possible

If you wish to alter your piece , resize your ring or adjust a design, we recommend taking the item to a professional jeweller who will be to assess and quote you on this adjustment.